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What Can A Painter And Decorator Do For Your Home In Liverpool?

Home is the place to which you return by instinct. The place that is your territory. The place you come to after long crazy days. It is the place where families are silenced, and minds are relaxed.

Whatever happens, it is your home that you come back to, so why not make it homey and as comfortable as you can make it.

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Now, would you like to go back to an out-scaled place? A place that evokes a quality of mockery? Would you want a tremulous home? Most certainly not.

Lucky for us folks, for there are some superheroes out there, who can make your life at home after long tiring days calm, and your days off from the daily hustle, a nice smooth time?

Meet these heroes, more frequently known as Painters and Decorators. Yes, the pillars of the Home Improvement sector.

These are no ordinary people. No, they are the extraordinary beings, without whom Home Improvement has no meaning, and homes to are meaningless.

The question stands, what can painters and decorators from Liverpool do for your home?

Yes, folks, they can transform your house into the home. They can turn the place you crash at, into a Palace: The palace of your dreams.

What you may think is that a painter would just splash some paint around, and the decorator just splashes some paint around, and the decorator would just shove in an extra thing of two, and Voila! You’re time and money has been wasted.

But no, let me guide you through what a painter and decorator can do for you and your home.

Imagine this: You’ve just a got new house. There’s the wooden framework; you can see the bricks. Ah, look! Some barren land is visible. The house looks precarious this way. The air would have the fragility and under confidence in it.

What you really need at this moment is someone who can change this wreck-of-a-place into a beautiful home, and obviously, this is a job for Painters and Decorators.

See, what’s going to happen now is exactly what happens when you hit puberty: Transformation.

The painter can paint these walls into beautiful and enchanting walls of a palace. He is capable of working with careful brush strokes, with the right pressure, tender when it’s needed and hard when it’s required. He can make your walls appear as some work of da Vinci himself. If elegance is what you need, he is your man. If delicacy is what you need, he is your guy, and if creativity is what you need, he is still your man. Seriously, he is the man. Get a painter ASAP.

As for the decorator, he, on the other hand, is the one you can fully trust your great possession called home with. This hero is capable of converting your beautiful house into a home. He can have the most beautiful tiles set up to cover your floor with, so your each step on them becomes pleasant and comfortable. Or he can give the smoothest of the wooden floor you’d ever come across. He’ll provide just what is needed to blend your floor into a harmony with the wall, the wall with the roof, the roof with the woodwork in your home, and what not.

Together they will varnish, paint, plaster, cover, fill and protect all the surfaces of your house against the forces of homey-ness and mockery. They’ll make it all perfect. They’ll make your life complete.

So what are you waiting for? Spend on home improvement: Improve your attitude towards family and life. Live a better life in Liverpool.


Britain Faces Growing Skilled Tradesmen Crisis

Britain faces growing skilled tradesmen crisis after a severe drop in the number of bricklayers, plumbers and carpenters. Figures for skilled tradesmen plummeted by 7% in the last year alone. Plumbers have been the worst hit with a 25% drop in the past four years. Simply cleaners, chimney sweeps and female-run companies are on the upward.

Britain is facing a growing shortage of tradesman following a remarkable fall in the number of plumbers and bricklayers, new research shows today.

After being hit by the economic decline and depressed housing market figures for skilled tradesmen plummeted by seven per cent in the last year.

Independent companies are dwindling and plumbers have been the worst hit, with a 25 per cent fall in numbers the last four years.

Bricklayers are down 19 per cent, window cleaners by 18 per cent, and also the amount of joiners has fallen by 17 per cent in the past three years, the UK’s biggest small business insurance provider Simply Business found.

Output in the building industry has plunged to its lowest level since 2009, figures show.

And the amount we are paying tradesmen for home improvements has nosedived since 2001 by 40 per cent.

Ex- Scott Ogden, bricklayer, 37, left the construction trade to become a tour manager for a recording company.

Mr Ogden, who works for All Hostel Records, said: ‘I got into the construction trade after leaving school as it was quite a well-paid job at the time.
‘ during the downturn, everything changed. Tradesmen endured while also taking on more responsibilities, a 40 per cent pay cut.


‘You always feel like an employee that is dispensable with no rights – you don’t understand whether you’ll have a job from one day to the next a full week, and I ‘d rarely work.

‘The scenario made me realise that I needed a job where I was valued, doing something I am really passionate about.

‘ I work on the side as a tour manager and as a Reiki healer. My new career suits my nature and interests much more than bricklaying.

In spite of the dip, there is evidence that female-run companies are increasing, together with the proportion of female-led bricklaying companies up 16 per cent.

As more folks find the time to clean their own homes the cleaning trade is prospering, up by 33 per cent since 2009.

CEO of Simply Business, Jason Stockwood said: ‘Independent tradesmen provide a critical, often highly-proficient service to both home owners and the commercial business.

‘It’s therefore worrying to find a decline in some trades over the past few years, as the slow market has hit spending on home and infrastructure improvements.

‘But with Government spending on home and infrastructure slow to materialise, commercial building could be in for a more drawn-out restoration.

‘While there continue to be thousands of gifted tradesmen doing an excellent job across the country, investment is required to ensure there’s enough work to keep them.’